Benjamin Legros
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Benjamin Legros



I am professor at EM Normandie since September 2017 where I teach Quantitative Finance and Financial mathematics to various groups of bachelor and master students. In addition, I also teach Queueing theory and Stochastic Modeling at CentraleSupélèc.


My teaching activities lead me to write educational books. The idea is to provide tools accessible to a large audience to well understand financial investments without needing an important mathematical knowledge.


I carried out my Ph.D research on the Optimization of Multi-channel Call Centers at Ecole Centrale Paris and received my degree in December 2013. I also obtained my qualification of "Maître de conférences" at the beginning of 2014 and I continue my research projects at CentraleSupélèc via the chair "Call Centers" sponsored by the company Interactiv Group.


My current research interests are in Stochastic Modeling with applications on queues, call centers, and transportation systems. My queueing projects focus on customer's behavior related to the system state. The idea is to explore how the remaining service time or the last realized event influences a customer.


Call centers are my first research topic. I work on the long-term strategy with the design of call centers and on real time operations with the routing of jobs in multichannel call centers. Recent advances in technology like new channels, virtual agents, or high identification levels give new research opportunities in this field.


Transportation systems are a new research topic for me. I develop a project for the repositioning strategy in a Bike-sharing system. In addition, I also develop new routing strategies for containers management in the hinterland.